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Investment highlights

Discover why IPL is the trusted solutions provider for thousands of customers worldwide.

Leaders in sustainable packaging

IPL designs and manufactures innovative customized rigid packaging products for customers across a wide variety of industries in North America and Western Europe. The Company has leading positions in its core markets for several product lines. IPL also maintains a strong focus on sustainability as part of its “Zero Waste” culture. Its products are 100% recyclable and use increasing amounts of recycled material.

Partnering with customers, driving product innovation with rapid speed to market

IPL is recognized for its superior customer responsiveness. By integrating its product development capabilities and manufacturing processes, the Company delivers customized and cost-effective new products to customers with short lead times. The result of this responsiveness is strong customer loyalty, which is key to winning new orders.

Predictable revenue and profitable within its core businesses

The bulk of IPL’s revenue and profitability (75-80%) is recurring and highly predictable and is generated within its core businesses. The balance relies on successfully winning new product contracts which can give rise to variances in revenue and profitability depending on, for example, the contract size, timing, seasonality and comparable performance period. 

Diverse blue-chip customer base supported by strong relationships

IPL has a highly diverse base of approximately 3,000+ customers, including Fortune 500 companies, large municipalities and regional and local businesses. Major customers include Danone, the Kraft-Heinz Company, Lowe’s, Nestlé, Parmalat, PepsiCo, Smucker’s, Unilever and Home Depot. No single customer accounts for more than 5% of overall revenue, and the top 10 account for less than 25% of overall revenue.

Well invested assets with proven operational excellence

IPL has 14 manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and China that are equipped with more than 400 molding machines. Since Fiscal 2015, the Company has invested more than $150 million in its facilities to increase production capacity and efficiency and expand customer reach.

Successful consolidator in a fragmented market

Since 2014, IPL has acquired five major plastics companies with a combined enterprise value of more than $500 million. The industry is highly fragmented in North America and Western Europe, and IPL is well-positioned to pursue more strategic and accretive acquisitions in the future.

Experienced global management team

The IPL management team is highly accomplished, with a proven ability to deliver above-market growth, deploy capital on a disciplined basis, successfully integrate acquisitions, manage costs and deliver impressive margin expansion.