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IPL MacroTrac

Make any space safely accessible and functional with durable temporary floor and road systems.

MacroTrac makes the world's most durable and sustainable injection-molded plastic flooring and roadway mats to cover any terrain.

Find the right matting solution for your project

Quick manual deployment and excellent performance

Our solutions are trusted across industries as one of the highest quality plastic flooring systems available today. They are durable, flexible, easy to transport, install and dismantle. Once installed, MacroTrac is immediately ready to use; strong enough for heavy equipment or large capacity events. And once you dismantle your site, the mats can be picked up, shipped, and reused at another location.

Durable material to cover any terrain

MacroTrac flooring and roadway mats are perfect for any terrain and weather, making us the ideal choice for event and military portable flooring, aviation, drilling and construction projects for decades. Over two million square feet of MacroTrac manually deployable matting and roadways have been installed in North America alone.

A universal solution from one global company

MacroTrac and IPL Group come from a long and successful history of innovation and producing the highest quality injection-molded products. We have been manufacturing MacroTrac solutions in the US since 2010, and our products have been a market favorite for almost 20 years. We have a proven track record for consistent performance in a variety of markets and sectors.