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Our strategy

Advancing sustainability is a strategic imperative

IPL Sustainability Report 2019 pdf 4080 KB Sustainability-our-strategy

Increased use of renewable energy sourcing at IPL

As a packaging company, we have a responsibility to embed sustainability into how we do business. We now have a tremendous opportunity to use our influence to drive sustainability principles across the supply chain.

We have already made significant progress, and we are now stepping up our efforts. Our 2019-2022 Sustainability Strategy outlines our ambitions and focus areas for the coming years.

So, what do we focus on?

To address this question, we reached out to our customers, employees and shareholders, who asked us to focus on three areas:

  • Focus Area 1: Innovation and the Circular Economy
    Half of IPL’s products already positively contribute to the Circular Economy (CE). To accelerate our efforts, we are increasing our collaboration efforts with our customers and raw material suppliers to deliver greater contributions to the CE.
  • Focus Area 2: Environmental Stewardship
    We are stepping up our commitment to deliver superior environmental performance. Our core philosophy is to fulfil our customers’ needs while continuously driving down emissions and potential climate change impacts.
  • Focus Area 3: People, Safety and Communities
    People and local communities are the cornerstones of IPL’s success. We will further invest in protecting our people, developing future talent and enabling greater engagement with our local communities.
Read our Sustainability Strategy 2019-22 pdf 2501 KB

Message from CEO Alan Walsh

“We have been on a journey to become a global leader in returnable, reusable and recyclable packaging solutions. Today, we are at the forefront of innovation; investing in research and development, minimizing product weights and raw material inputs, and increasing the use of recycled raw materials. Without a doubt, more must be done. Plastic pollution is a serious global problem and one of the greatest environmental issues of our time. As we execute our new Sustainability Strategy, we will keep stakeholders updated of our progress along the way – our achievements and our challenges. And we encourage feedback on what we can do better to drive sustainable value for all.”