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IPL are leaders in a wide range of packaging solutions, partnering with customers to drive innovation and help them achieve their sustainability commitments.

We are one global solutions provider, manufacturing speciality injection-molded packaging products and speciality rigid containers for the food, consumer, agriculture, automotive, logistics and environmental markets.

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Partner to world-leading companies

We are the trusted innovation partner to some of the biggest brands in the world, including Unilever, Ford, Walmart, Nivea, Friesland Campina, Danone and Heineken. By working closely with customers to design and develop the right solution, millions of people around the world use our products every day.

An expert team with a global reach

We deliver for customers so that they can do the same:

  • A network of 14 manufacturing facilities in Canada, the US, the UK, Belgium, Ireland and China
  • A number of the world’s largest injection molding machines
  • 3 global centers of innovation and excellence
  • 1.64 million square feet of manufacturing and R&D space
  • 5 corporate and sales offices around the world with corporate offices in Ireland and Canada.

Three divisions of expertise

We offer customized and sustainable consumer packaging, commercial, environmental and large-scale returnable solutions.

  • We manufacture speciality thin-wall injection molded containers, lids, over caps and custom packaging solutions for branded and private label food and consumer products customers in North America and Europe.
  • We provide a range of large pails, containers and crates for the food and consumer, environmental, retail, agricultural and industrial end-markets.
  • We manufacture bulk containers used in the agricultural sector and the automotive logistics market.

Multiple experts under one roof

  • Over the years, we have worked hard to foster the best talent, acquire the most advanced technology and work with the best people.
  • Today we are one global sustainable packaging group: IPL, delivering complete solutions across supply chains for our customers and our partners.