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Our vision

Molding the future of sustainable packaging

We succeed by partnering with our customers to create packaging products that are designed with a strong focus on protection and circularity. 

Our mission

Partner. Package. Protect.

Our mission focuses on deep customer relationships and understanding their business which underpins our commitment to deliver value to our customers and shareholders as well as protect our employees and our environment. 

Global expertise

We make it our business to understand yours because we are experts from start to finish in a global team, continuously innovating to deliver quality products and sustainable solutions by working closely with our customers.

Our values


  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Respect for our people, customers, investors and suppliers
  • Respect for our planet and our communities


  • Promoting creativity
  • Endorsing continuous improvement
  • Encourage collaborative thinking


  • Proactively partner on breakthrough solutions
  • Strive to deliver our promises to our people, customers and investors
  • Anticipate needs and exceed expectations 


  • Prioritize the safety and well-being of our people
  • Enable team members to reach their potential
  • Recognize and reward excellence

The industries we serve