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Our commitment


Circular designs for the real world

At IPL, we see plastic as a circular resource for the future. We continuously innovate to deliver circular solutions, which in turn enable our customers to deliver on their own sustainable product commitments.

Plastics is too valuable to waste

The conversation on plastics is beginning to mature, which recognizes that switching to alternative packaging may have unintended consequences. As an industry we must address packaging material use more holistically.

At IPL, all our products are recyclable and can be returned back into the circular economy. Our products continue to evolve to meet our customers’ design standards for recyclability. 

We actively promote increasing amounts of recycled content in our products, while continuously inviting customers to do the same in their designs. To bring this agenda forward, we have recently developed take-back programs for our larger format environmental bins, which is accelerating the use of recycled plastics and our customers’ sustainability commitments.

IPL welcomes government regulation

IPL welcomes increased government regulation of the waste industry to promote increased availability of recycled resins for our products. This will also reduce and eliminate, in time, the issue of plastics waste in our environment. 

Leaders in segregation containers

IPL has market leadership in both Canada and the UK for environmental segregation waste containers, which are critical ensuring optimal waste recycling and reuse.

Read about our Repelletizer project in Fairfield, CA pdf 1746 KB

Our products also have a lower life-cycle carbon footprint than traditional alternatives due to material selection, design, and improved recycling rates. A recent study confirms our returnable packaging can be used up to 45 times, compared to single-use cardboard alternative.

Macro Hybrid Bin vs Corrugate Gaylord: A Life-Cycle Analysis pdf 17044 KB

Ensuring resilient supply chains with a returnable philosophy

Our wide range of returnable packaging solutions can be used time and time again, and so eliminating traditional forms of single-use packaging like flexible plastics, cardboard and corrugate. Based on a principle of moving more with less, and for less, Ford has worked with IPL and Chep to transform the European bulk packaging model by introducing the new EuroBin. The results are significant. According to Ford’s Head of Packaging for Europe:

It is good for the environment and our business because we are making freight and material savings. The gains are a significant contribution to our business efficiencies."

Our circular business model underpins our commitments to the environment