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IPL Lommel

Precision-built, customized packaging from the highest quality injection molds.

With 50 years of experience and growth, serving customers in the food, beverage and personal care sectors, IPL Lommel is your partner in customized, sustainable packaging at scale.

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Well established international manufacturing reputation

Our custom-made injection molds have been used for decades and are well recognized for their quality by over 3,200 global customers which also includes well known blue chip consumer brands.

With sophisticated in-house tooling capability, we take a close partnership approach with clients. With decades of experience, handed down over generations, our team designs, manufactures and operates some of the most complex molds that are built to last and to fit seamlessly with our customer requirements.

Your innovation partners, scaling your business together

We produce best-in-class precision solutions. We create the parts to protect your product with absolute uniformity, so that the last one off the line is as perfect as the first. We use the latest technology which results in the best product with constant innovation at the heart of what we do.

Our dedication to sustainability

Our mission is to sustainably produce the best quality product for our customers. We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and strive to constantly reduce our production impact. We do this through innovation, self-set targets and group-wide mandates.

This drive for sustainability has already resulted in considerable energy savings. We use the most up to date techniques and machinery such as geothermal heat pumps to cool the production process. In our consumption of energy, we procure renewable electricity.