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MacroTote 9-FV

The MacroTote 9-FV is a complementary tote that nests efficiently within our bins. The advanced tote design minimizes product damage, reduces heat absorption in the field, and offers the same great product protection as MacroBins.
It can be packed to improve shipping efficiencies within the MacroBin 28, 32, 33, and 34 models. Three layers of nine MacroTotes can fit securely within the 28 and 33 models, improving the volume contained within each bin by 15% compared to other totes.

Product Features

  • Nonporous, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • FDA-approved materials
  • Easy-to-sanitize 


  • Rounded corners and smooth surfaces
  • UV-resistant plastic reduces heat absorption in the field extending the shelf-life of your produce.
  • Greater shipping efficiencies can be achieved when the totes are packed in the MacroBin 28 or 33 models. 15% more volume per bin can be achieved over other standard industry totes.  


Load Capacity22 lb.
Volume Capacity1,028 cu. in.


Load Capacity10.0 kg.
Volume Capacity16,845.9 cu. cm   


Download the specification sheet

MacroTote 9-FV Specsheet pdf 689 KB

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