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ProBin 32-NG

The Next Generation ProBin 32NG is ideal for handling meat or seafood, fermenting wine, pickling or brining, and other food processing applications. The smooth, nonporous surfaces are easy to clean and won’t trap debris. These large capacity rectangular bins, with 4-way entry are easy to move, stack, align, and store. An original cross pattern design in the base further reduces damage by decreasing base line deflection.

Product Features

  • 100% stack compatibility with previous generation ProBin 32  
  • Durable FDA-approved plastic   
  • Wall taper creates a “Bruise Buffer Zone”  
  • New column design 
  • Smooth, soft surfaces and rounded corners 
  • Increased ventilation in the sides 
  • Several identification methods including RFID tags and foil embossing are available 


  • Shape offers a “Bruise Buffer Zone” on outside of walls to protect fruit from adjacent stacks   
  • Column design absorbs and recoils impact, instead of resisting impact and breaking 
  • Easy to repair 
  • Soft surfaces protect fruit   
  • Quickly disassembles for efficient shipping  
  • Drainage hole size allows the maximum amount of water to escape while reducing the amount of dirt and rocks that get in  
  • Improved traceability and bin security 


Load Capacity1,300 lbs
Volume Capacity48,000 cu. In.
Tare Weight75lbs (long foot); 74lbs (short foot)
External Dimensions44.75" (L) x 48.31" (W) x 29.93" (H)
Internal Dimensions40" (L) x 44.75" (W) x 23.87 (H)


Load Capacity 589.67 kg
Volume Capacity 786.58 ltr.
Tare Weight 34.02 kg (long foot); 33.57 kg (short foot)
External Dimensions1,136.65 mm (L) x 1,227.07 mm x 760.22 mm (H)
Internal Dimensions1,016 mm (L) x 1,136.65 mm (W) x 606.3 mm (H)


Download the specification sheet

ProBin 32NG Specsheet pdf 785 KB

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