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Inpack Series

InPack functionality can be found in its rectangular shape. Because pallets are not round, InPack rectangular containers use space more efficiently. Its wide skirt with integrated grip design makes this container easy to handle. It offers wide opening and lid locking system which enables users to keep lid opened when dispensing products. The InPack lid is affixed to the container and comes with a tamper-evident tear strip which prevents contaminants from entering and affecting products. InPack is offered in white or in clear plastic, which will showcase your products

Product Features

  • Tear strip tamper evident security system
  • Wide opening with hinged lid
  • Perfect for retail and industrial markets
  • Easy to open and use
  • Available with or without plastic handle
  • Available in clear polypropylene
  • Available with liquid gasket upon request


  • Our rectangular hinged lids are convenient for dispensing of product with its wide
  • Wide skirt with integrated grip for convenient handling
  • The lid is attached to the container which prevents contaminants from entering
  • Our locking system that enables users to keep the lid
  • PP holds a tighter dimensional spec than HDPE
  • Perfect for hot fill application (up to 180°F)
  • Perfect for retail and industrial markets
  • High impact resin available for freezing applications
  • Thinner wall with competitive top load compared to HDPE
  • Less polypropylene means it’s less costly

Product Sizes

Product InPack PP 1.09G 1.09G / 4.15L
Product InPack PP 1.3G 1.3G / 5L
Product InPack PP 2.14G 2.14G / 8.12L
Product InPack PP 6.5G 6.5G / 24.6L

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