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EuroBin Extended Family

The EuroBin Extended Family is a series of fabricated “EL” Extended Length EuroBins and “DS” Dunnage Space EuroBins. The new Extended Length option provides OEM’s and tier suppliers with a returnable packaging application designed for larger components. The Dunnage Space option has provides additional height with a collapsible interior dunnage system.

Product Features

  • Fully Collapsible 
  • High visibility safety yellow fork straps 
  • 120MM collar integrates with bag and dunnage solutions 
  • Extended Height DS models interstack with standard EuroBin 
  • Reach through latches 
  • Overfit lids available 
  • 35% lighter tare weight and 25% greater return ration than other foldable large containers 
  • Made with 100% recyclable polypropylene resin 
  • Available in UL94-V2 rated flame-resistant resin 
  • Unique interlocking foot design 


  • Fork straps are easily replaceable and are highly visible for safe maneuvering 
  • Superior corner and latching systems 
  • Industry best interior usable space and transportation efficiency in all sizes based on folded height 
  • Inside contents are easily accessible 
  • Contents are protected from contamination with use of overfit lids 
  • EuroBins are a fully sustainable returnable trip packaging, reducing your carbon footprint  
  • Safe and reliable stacking 

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