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Hybrid 44P

The ultra-light, yet strong, Hybrid 44P is a revolutionary plastic bin. It easily assembles in seconds to offer a great bin solution for handling, storing, or shipping agricultural product. Ventilation can be configured for the specific application, or can be completely solid. Shown here is the fully ventilated version, indicated by the suffix “-FV”. When empty it is easily disassembled and nested for efficient empty storage or efficient freight. This makes it a perfect returnable shipping bin solution, and why its moniker has become the “Shipper Bin”

Product Features

  • Easy & quick snap on off frame
  • Easy to repair
  • Interlocking when stacked for safety
  • Durable FDA-approved plastic


  • Shape offers a bruise buffer zone on outside of walls to protect fruit from adjacent stacks
  • Smooth soft surfaces to protect fruit
  • Disassembles for efficient shipping 


Load Capacity 950 lb.
Volume Capacity44,676 cu. in.
Internal Dimensions46 5/8" (L) x 42 1/8" (W) 36 49/50" (minimum clearance)
External dimensions straps on long side48" (L) x 44" (W) x 30 3/4" (H)
External dimensions straps on short side48" (L) x 44" (W) x 32 3/64" (H)


Load Capacity  430.9 kg.
Volume Capacity732.1 ltr.
Internal Dimensions1,184.28mm (L) x 1,070mm (W) x 939.3mm (minimum clearance)
External dimensions straps on long side1,219mm (L) x 1,118mm (W) x 781mm (H)
External dimensions straps on short side1,219mm (L) x 1,118mm (W) x 814mm (H)


Download the specification sheet

Hybrid 44P Specsheet pdf 1173 KB

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