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Bale arm containers / trays are widely used in agriculture, food production, food service and retail industries for efficient handling, distribution and display of fresh produce, food and meat products. These trays provide efficiencies and cost savings over ‘one trip’ corrugated or wood alternatives.

Product Features

  • Range of sizes
  • Excellent stacking strength
  • Ventilated to maintain air flow & product freshness
  • Choice of standard & bespoke colours
  • Areas for customer print or logos
  • Ticket / label holders
  • Dimpled side walls facilitate clean label removal


  • Efficient supplier to consumer ‘Onetouch’ solution
  • Enhanced product protection
  • Improved hygiene
  • Fast retail replenishment
  • Effective display & consumer product selection
  • Trays nest for efficient return logistics

Product Sizes

Product Half Tray Two stack side-by-side on 600 x 400mm trays
Product Flat Tray Two stacked heights
Product Shallow Tray Shallow tray for smaller loads
Product Standard Tray The industry standard produce tray
Product Deep Tray Deep tray for larger loads

Download the specification sheet

OneNest Range pdf 3870 KB

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