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Industrial Series

Made of polyethylene, these containers offer improved resistance to stacking and unrivaled ruggedness. They resist when used in extreme temperatures. The optional rubber gasket ensures that your product remains intact by preventing leakage. A temper-evident tear-strip security system is also available on selected lids. Want to do more to protect the environment? IPL offers pails made from recycled resin, which do not compromise on performance.

Product Features

  • Tear strip temper evident security system
  •  Perfect for retail and industrial markets
  • Optional rubber or liquid gasket
  • IML and Dry offset decoration available
  • Different spout options
  • Lids and pails made of high density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Optional metal or plastic handles


  • Made for most demanding applications
  • Designed to protect products against unfortunate openings or shoplifting

Product Sizes

Product 409 1.1G / 4.1L
Product 1127 3G / 11.4L
Product 1328 3.3G / 12.5L
Product 1432 3.5G / 13.2L
Product 1537 4.2G / 15.9L
Product 1533 4.2G / 16L
Product 1738 4.8G / 18L
Product 4590 5.4G / 20.4L
Product 4222 5.7G / 21.5L
Product 5251 6.7G / 25.4L

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