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Kitchen catcher 1.85G/7L  and 1.3G/5L

The optimal solution for food waste. Specially designed to support your green waste management plan.

Product Features

  • Closes securely
  • Dual-seal lid
  • Multi-grip
  • Easy waste collection
  • Wall mounting
  • Ample opening
  • Stay-open lid
  • Easy to clean
  • Convenient size
  • Built-in mechanism locks handle in place
  • Ventilation option
  • Designed and made to last


  • UV stabilized against long-term effects of the sun;
  • 100% recyclable , Code # 2;
  • Unibody design requires no bolts or holes that could potentially leak;
  • 2G/7L -  IPL’s injection process uses Polypropylene (PPE) that yields   precise design and consistent thicknesses;

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